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Custom designed top quality leather bookmarks

Probably the most effective low cost fund raising tool ever developed.

A custom designed elegant leather bookmark identifying with your nonprofit organization, included in a letter of appeal, of thanks or given out at a special event, is too nice to be tossed into a drawer and forgotten.   Leather bookmarks help achieve and consolidate that desirable and much sought after relationship between donor and fund raiser.  They serve as a constant reminder of the fund raising organization.  They are affordable, of high quality, and improve with age and use.

An elegant leather bookmark is an appropriate item at any giving level and is easily mailed, usually without additional postage.

"The quality of this year’s thank you gift
is reflected in the quality of next year’s donation."

Bookmarks are available in the standard size of 1.5" x 9" with fringe, with fringe & tassel, no fringe (rectangle), V bottom, V bottom & tassel, VV bottom, mid size 1.5" x 8.25" with fringe, and mini size of 1.25" x 5.75" with fringe or V bottom. (Go to Colors, Shapes, and sizes page.)

See what our customers say about our bookmarks

"Bookmarks say thank you to our many friends and remind them of the quality of our health care services."
Roberta Clouet, Director of Development
Gaylord Hospital, Wallingford, CT.

"The bookmarks are the best stewardship tool I have ever used.  They are elegant, classy and easy to mail or carry."
Shannon R. McEntee, Director
Corporate Affiliate Program, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Fund-Raising Facts

  • "How you respond to a donation is the very first step towards next year's donation."

  • "Consolidating your relationship with all donors (whatever their level of giving) is vital to your long term fund-raising potential."

  • "Cultivating all your smaller donors is most important, because they are very likely to become larger donors in the future."

  • "To help maintain an ongoing and meaningful relationship, every donor should receive an inexpensive, tasteful and useful recognition keepsake to serve as a pleasant reminder of you and your cause."

A custom designed leather bookmark addresses all of the above
 and is the perfect fund-raising recognition gift.

If giving a bookmark to every single donor puts a strain on your budget, why not follow the lead of others by finding a sponsor such as a bank, insurance company, real estate or stock broker to underwrite the cost of the bookmark?


Click here to request our bookmark sample.

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